Addressing Engineering Challenges to
Drive Productivity and Success

Best-in-Class, CAD Integrated DFM Software

On a global average, 30% of product development time is spent on rework – designing a product ­first, then optimizing it later to meet downstream manufacturing requirements. Consideration of manufacturability and assembly issues during early design stage can shorten product development time, minimize cost and ensure a smooth transition into production with minimal rework.

Incorporating years of functional expertise, DFMPro is engineered to help designers check their designs for manufacturability and assembly and correct these problems early in the design stage. It automates the iterative design process via a series of rules-based checks, identifying design areas that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture. It helps organization improve engineering efficiency by minimizing rework and engineering changes (ECOs).

Validate Designs within Familiar CAD Environment

  • Seamlessly integrated inside PTC CREO ParametricTMSiemens NXTM andSOLIDWORKS®
  • Identies and highlights problem areas on the CAD model
  • Facilitates corrections on designs without leaving the familiar CAD environment
  • Eliminate time-consuming file transfers using standard file formats such as IGES and STP

DFM Software for Creo

Captures and Re-Uses Best Practices & Tribal Knowledge for Continuous Improvement

DFM Best Practices

Easily Integrates Into Existing Enterprise Infrastructure

  • Integrates easily with PLM, ERP, and MES systems
  • Automatically gets the required parameter information for existing or new DFM rules
  • Scalable framework for capturing and disseminating manufacturing knowledge upstream

DFM PLM Integration

Comprehensive 2D and 3D Reports to Improve Design Collaboration

DFM reports
  • Generates results in interactive 3D & 2D reports for easier analysis and interpretation
  • Publishes reports in multiple formats – HTML, Excel and eDrawings®Publisher
  • Improves design collaboration between departments, suppliers and vendors
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