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Manufacturability Starts with Communication, and DFMA Can Help

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Eye-opening Impact of Simple Design Errors on Product Costs

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HCL Adds Real-Time Analysis to Its Design-for-Manufacturing Software

HCL Technologies has released version 5.0 of its design-for-manufacturability solution, DFMPro. The new version supports the latest Creo Parametric version 4.0 and offers enhanced functionality for real-time analysis of product design. The enhancement was developed to provide quick and instant feedback on the manufacturability of CAD designs.

Design and Manufacturing in the Digital Age

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Geometric releases version 4.1 of DFMPro® for NX™

(MUMBAI, India. April 11, 2016:)

Geometric Ltd. (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC) a leader in Product lifecycle Management (PLM), Global Engineering Services and Offshore Product Development (OPD) Solutions and Technologies, today announced the release of version 4.1 of its automated design for manufacturability solution, DFMPro® for NX™ software. The latest version delivers many new customer-driven enhancements for users of NX, a leading integrated 3D computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) software, developed by Siemens’ PLM software business.

Why what and how of Design for Excellence

(MUMBAI, India. April 11, 2016:)

(Featured in Efficient Manufacturing magazine, Jan 2016 Issue)

DFMPro Puts Manufacturing Experience in a Box

(Featured in CADInsider blog by Roopinder Tara, June 2013)

Manufacturing productivity through design efficiency

As product designs get more complex, it needs a lot of tweaking to get the product right and reliable manufacturing processes to produce. It is preferred to have the manufacturing location close to the design centers to have a tight control. But then, the cost of production needs to be competitive at that location. So the focus then shifts to increasing productivity of manufacturing employees & processes.

Sheet Metal Fabrication: It starts from Design

(Featured in Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News, 40-41, May-Jun 2010 online publication)

As recession fades away, companies are too cautious about how to move forward and a great deal of effort is spent in strategizing the future course. To cope up with the global competition, developing expertise on lowering product cost and quality manufacturing is going to be essential. Designs need to contain only essential functional features and care needs to be taken to make the designs manufacturable using cheaper manufacturing processes, and with less scrap and rejections. This will not only make the designs cost effective but also greener, along with getting them to market faster.

DFMPro advances integration of design for manufacturing

(Featured in: SAE International online publication)

Delivering designs fast that cost the minimum while meeting targets for function, quality, and durability is what sets apart the expert engineer. The discipline of design for manufacturing (DFM) intends to aid engineers in doing just that.

Benefits of Using the Right Measurement Tool

(Featured in Moldmaking Technology online publication)

Thickness analysis software is a CAD tool that facilitates the measurement and validation of wall thickness of 3-D CAD models. It accelerates the design review process for manufacturability, enabling designs to move to prototyping and production stages much faster.

Design for Manufacturability reviews brings rewards

(Featured in Tooling & Production online publication)

Automated DFM validation will not only improve the quality of designs and reduce issues in manufacturing for organizations; it will also result in big savings in terms of manufacturing costs and shorter design and manufacturing cycles.

Geometric Ltd. adds intelligence to manufacturability

(Featured in Desktop Engineering online publication)

DFMPro Offers a Streamlined Process

Knowledge-capture tools from Geometric enable SolidWorks designers to perform complete design checks and analysis in one session.

MCAD Online – Geometric DFM review

DFM pro includes a wide variety of checks for manufacturability on milled parts. Here the system has identified Deep Holes, where the depth to diameter

SolidWorks: Heard! – SolidWorks: Heard! – Episode 126 – DFMXpress

SolidWorks: Heard! – Episode 126 – DFMXpress, an episode of SolidWorks: Heard! on Pluggd – DFMXpress: This podcast covers the new design for manufacturing

Tutorial Article on DFMXpress

SolidWorks: Heard! – Episode 126 – DFMXpress, an episode of SolidWorks: Heard! on Pluggd – DFMXpress: This podcast covers the new design for manufacturing

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