Automotive Plastics: Automate your way to efficient and high-quality Plastic part design with HCL’s powerful DFX solution

Rising pressure to reduce vehicle weight, favorable regulations on emissions and safety, coupled with the rising sales of passenger cars have impelled usage of plastics in automotive industry significantly.

Plastics offer tremendous advantages for designers as they allow flexibility in design, possess excellent inherent properties such as corrosion-resistance, dust-proof and eliminate the need to have complex assemblies by allowing unique design features and elements. Due to these benefits, key interior and structural components are being manufactured with processes such as Injection Molding and Blow Molding.

Design engineers need to adhere to best practices for automotive plastic part design and tooling and release manufacturable-friendly parts for production quicker than ever by incorporating new plastic materials and the design rules for parts such as:

  1. Bumpers
  2. Fenders
  3. IP Consoles
  4. Door trims
  5. Fuel Tanks Etc.

Design, Production, Manufacturing have high stakes when it comes to fitting high- quality plastic parts in an automobile and hence, if you are an Automotive OEM or Supplier or Contract manufacturer looking at strengthening your automotive plastic design capability, then this webinar is for you.

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