How Two Manufacturing Companies Implemented Design for Manufacturing Software and What They Have Learned

Whether because of time pressure, lack of experience, or just complacency many product organizations neglect to consider manufacturability during product design. Study after study shows that   inept design for manufacturability leads to an increased number of engineering changes, slower time to market and higher manufacturing ramp up costs.

Design for manufacturing (DFM) tools promise to improve mechanical design by applying rigorous design checks and automating verification tasks.  But with design checks already embedder in CAD software and the availability of general-purpose automation and scripting tools, are DFM tools useful or just adding unnecessary design verification steps and design review headaches?

In this webinar, Joe Barkai will explore the benefits of manufacturing verification tools as experienced by two manufacturers of highly complex equipment from the medical imaging and semiconductor fabrication industries. He will explain the motivation of these manufacturers to explore DFM tools and the benefits they have realized.

With this depiction of the real-world experience of engineering organizations, Joe will offer a perspective and best practices perspective for improving design for manufacturing practice in your organization.

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