Tolerance Stack Up Analysis Simplified

As product complexity continues to grow, assessing the effects of part tolerances and their impact on assembly becomes increasingly important to ensure product quality and performance. Tolerance stackup analysis is essential to make sure assembly problems related to dimensional issues are reduced or completely eliminated before parts go into production.

However, In spite of its crucial importance, checking and calculating the right tolerance is a painstaking task. Many organizations rely on traditional methods like excel sheets based calculations to perform the analysis which is tedious and error-prone process. Also designers today work on Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAD) tools and need some kind of visual feedback while performing 1-D tolerance stack-up analysis.

With Geometric Stackup you can experience just how easy it is to perform 1-D tolerance stackup analysis on complex parts and assemblies and achieve maximum part interchangeability and improved manufacturability of designs- all without having the know-how of dimensional engineering and complex formulas.

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